Goldman Sachs to cut about 3,200 jobs after cost review


According to reports from undisclosed sources, Goldman Sachs Group is set to commence a significant round of layoffs across the company this week in anticipation of challenging economic conditions. While Goldman Sachs has declined to comment on the matter, sources indicate that the job cuts could exceed 3,000. Bloomberg News has reported an estimated reduction of about 3,200 positions.
The layoffs are expected to impact various divisions of the bank, with a particular focus on Goldman Sachs’s investment banking division. The institutional banking sector has experienced a notable slowdown in corporate deals amid volatile global financial markets.
Additionally, there are indications that hundreds of jobs may be cut from Goldman Sachs’ consumer business, particularly following adjustments to its plans for the direct-to-consumer unit, Marcus. This restructuring aligns with the bank’s efforts to address challenges and optimize its operations in response to evolving market conditions.

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