‘Witch hunt against PM Modi’: Diaspora protests outside BBC headquarters in London


Protesters in London voiced their strong opposition to a controversial BBC documentary centered on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing deep concerns about its potential to sow discord within the Indian Hindu and Muslim communities residing in England.
The demonstrations in London unfolded in response to the Indian government’s nationwide ban on the broadcast of the BBC documentary, titled ‘India: The Modi Question.’
Critics dismissed the two-part series as a “propaganda piece” aimed at promoting a discredited narrative. Outside the BBC headquarters, hundreds of Indian diaspora members gathered to protest what they perceived as a biased portrayal of Modi and the events surrounding the 2002 Gujarat riots.
According to one protester, the documentary failed to provide a balanced perspective, neglecting to explore the underlying causes of the riots and the loss of lives among Hindus and police officers. The protest also highlighted frustrations with what some perceive as a longstanding bias in BBC reporting.
“This documentary is completely one-sided,” remarked a protester. “Enough is enough. If this bias persists, we will withhold our license fee.”
Another protester denounced the documentary as a “witch hunt” against PM Modi, emphasizing his exoneration by the Supreme Court in connection with the Gujarat riots.
Additionally, protesters questioned the timing of the documentary’s release, particularly as India approaches the 2024 general elections. Many viewed the documentary’s agenda as an attempt to tarnish PM Modi’s reputation ahead of the electoral process.
“Why now?” protesters asked, raising suspicions about the motives behind the documentary’s timing and content.

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