Rep. George Santos vows to stop lying as feds start probe of alleged animal charity scam


Rep. George Santos has pledged to put an end to falsehoods, vowing to uphold honesty moving forward.

In an interview with One America News on Tuesday, the GOP lawmaker admitted to past misrepresentations and assured the public of his commitment to transparency. “I’ve learned my lesson,” Santos stated. “From now on, everything will be aboveboard.”

Despite facing scrutiny for previous fabrications about his personal and professional life, Santos maintained that he has generally been forthcoming. “It’s largely always been aboveboard,” he asserted, pledging to be more diligent in fact-checking and verification.

However, as federal prosecutors delve into allegations of financial misconduct involving Santos and a New Jersey veteran, Navy vet Richard Osthoff, there are mounting concerns. Osthoff provided FBI agents with text messages implicating Santos in a potential charity scam related to a service dog.

Santos’ recent campaign finance disclosure form, which raised further questions about his financial dealings, added to the controversy. The amended form revealed discrepancies in loan sources, casting doubt on the accuracy of previous reports.

In response, Santos sought to distance himself from the discrepancies, attributing them to information provided by his former treasurer, Nancy Marks. Marks’ resignation, reportedly at the request of the Federal Election Commission, suggests potential cooperation with ongoing investigations.

Santos, whose credibility has been called into question following revelations about his background, faces mounting legal and political challenges. Despite claims of financial success, discrepancies in his reported income raise doubts about his financial transparency and integrity.

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